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Get Funding! (Kickstarter or Inverstors)

Currently, the game is reaching massive appeal - and I'm sure your subscriber base is expanding exponentially (friends tell friends etc...) however - your servers cannot handle the load and consistently puts out the "We're making SuperBetter SuperBetter right now!" (I'm sure you know this - unless you are completely out of touch with the site!)

When I first joined - it would happen once every few minutes, however now it feels like it is happening ALL THE TIME (I tried to add a power up 5 times in a row and I kept getting that message)

I recognize for a 'Concept ARG' that you may not want to charge for the service just yet (and that's a separate suggestion), so that's not what I'm proposing here.

This game does not exist 'in a vacuum' as far as new sites starting up go. You have all the support the BOTH of Jane McGonigal's Ted Talks bring to it - as a game player AND a game developer she has inspired me personally and professionally and flipped a LIFETIME (35 years) of depression on it's head overnight! You also have the support of Jane McGonigal's book.

Investors would JUMP on a site like this. The potential is huge - and the growth must be huge or your server wouldn't be having this much trouble. My business coach is certain that you could easily raise $1M in a month (more if Jane takes an active roll in the other networks she is in.)

You want to know who reffered me to superbetter? My PSYCHOLOGIST! She hadn't played it herself but it came up at a peer work/career type meeting and when she thought of games she though of me. (And my rec. therapist at the same clinic said gamers make up a large number of her clients and they are challenging to deal with)

If mental health professionals are starting to use your site - it means you have something good going! My business coach also started looking at the site when I told him about it and mentioned I was using it for MORE than just depression (Working x hours a day is a Quest!)

Please, please don't drop the ball on this site - it has so much potential and, like I said, flipped a depression so ingrained I probably had it even as a young child (learned behaviours from my mother) and I believed Joy and Happiness were non-existant. Between This and Jane's books and Ted Talks I have not had a day where I was depressed since (My 'low days' since mid-January have been right near my 'high days' before mid-January)

When I see things like support requests getting auto-responded with "We're not answering emails" it greatly concerns me. I'd really hate a project with such amazing potential to truly change lives go into 'abandonware'.

Jane McGonigal wants to see a game developer win the nobel peace prize - and she's sitting on something that has the potential to 'cure' depression in gamers*, and thus might make this dream a reality!

(*by making us aware of exactly what they need to bring into their real lives and tips on how to do that! Also gives us a sense of purpose and helps us see video games as NOT being the problem!)

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  • cotmire commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Great news, it's such an awesome concept I hope to see this really take off with this new owner and the new book launch!

  • declanr71 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    this game has huge potential over a range of self help confidrnce reinforcmrnts and depression spectrums,keep up the goodwork jane

  • Dominic Aquilina commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This game doesn't really need money for anything. I haven't experienced any of hte server issues you discussed, and aside from adding content there's not much to be done. A kickstarter for this game would not make any sense.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think its perfectly placed to be a mental health friendly motivator for a lot of people. We have Huge online communities of young people suffering from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and self harm. that are kept completely separate from other networks like facebook for anonymity.

    For example I think the app 'myfitnesspal' is often seen to be contributing to anorexia, with its encouragement of obsessive calorie counting. I think for someone trying to recovery superbetter could be an ideal replacement.

  • SuperBrady commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I believe it could become even bigger than Facebook. It fits the needs of everyone. No more broken New Year's resolutions. If you are serious that is.

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