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Option to enter info more quickly

I love SuperBetter! However, I have a slow internet connection, I don't love waiting around for pages to load.

It really drags me down and slows down my motivation to use SuperBetter when I have to click on Quests, wait for quests to load, click on a particular quest, wait for it to load, click to say that I've done it and then repeat dozens of times for powerups, bad guys, etc.

I love using SuperBetter as a way to give myself credit for working on goals, for doing difficult things, one small piece at a time. However, what would be a better user experience for me is to have the option to quickly enter powerups, badguys, quests.

For example, it would be wonderful if on the powerups page, there were fill-in boxes, I could type a number next to each one:

Drink water [3]
Physical training exercises [2]
Human tag [6]

Then press save once. Instead of going to each power up, pressing it 3 times, waiting for the pages to load each time, going to the next power up, pressing it 2 times, etc.

In other words, I would love to be able to post my progress more quickly so I don't get the page-loading bummer blues.

I know my style is different than other people's styles, I don't know if this would work for other people, but I thought I'd post it.

I'd be much more likely to log in every day if I could quickly update my progress instead of pressing so many buttons and waiting for so many pages to load.

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  • Katherine commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I completely agree! I am stuck on the couch with an injury, using a slow wifi connection that means every page takes ages to load.

    View quest -> i did this -> your points -> okay to the points

    Four stages for completing each activity is overkill.

    After getting so excited about superbetter and setting up my account it's so depressing not to be able to simply and efficiently upload my progress.

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