How can we improve SuperBetter?

SuperBetter makes a great productivity tool

I know SuperBetter aspires and achieves to enabling more profound recovery and achievement than merely productivity, but there is a fine line between increasing productivity or improving organizational habits and "recovering" from burnout, anxiety issues, and procrastination disorders that make it hard to work productively. That's why I'm using SuperBetter, and I find it serves this purpose incredibly well! Something to consider as you market and develop this tool further.

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  • Dennis Frye commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I actually have been customizing the game myself to make it a productivity tool. I started playing it because of this thought. With the current Power Pack options very limited I was a little disappointed at first but chose the 'Lowering Stress' option and just started customizing the game myself.

    While procrastination is a terrible Bad Guy, it doesn't fit currently in the 'health' focused design of the game. So for the few days I have been playing it I have had to customize a few things myself to make it the productivity design I'm looking for. I'm aware it's in its infancy but having a power pack for people like myself would be great. I'm even willing to design the power pack myself as soon as the 'advanced quest creation' is ready.

  • andysinging55 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Alexis
    I've now realised that your Epic Win can be anything you want because there is a free form part at the bottom. So you can do your 'write a novel' one. Get on with it!

  • Andy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree Alexis. My Epic Win is to reduce my cholesterol but as I 'play' the game I can see all sorts of areas that I can improve my effectiveness in a business that I own. What I find really intriguing is that for some reason, which I don't yet fully understand, I am motivated to make subtle changes to many of my ingrained habits that get in the way of me being Supereffective, rather than Superbetter. I am 55 so those habits are well established!

  • Alexis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes! One of my best friends has been using this tool for sometime to counteract her depression, specifically in the area of improving motivation and productivity. I am not depressed but that sure doesn't mean that I don't have issues with motivation and productivity! If I were allowed to I would love to have my Epic Win be "Write a novel" so that I can "Be published as an Author" which is my biggest life goal right now. But the way it currently is Superbetter won't let me do that so my goal is written as "to become fit". Its also a goal of mine, but NOT my epic win.

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