How can we improve SuperBetter?

(Part 2) Fix the bug with resilience scores: it's impossible to keep The Battery balanced

1. Current state of affairs:

+1 for whatever it was +1 emotional resilience

+1 for whatever it was +2 mental resilience

Bad Guys:
+1 for whatever it was +1 mental resilience
+1 mental resilience

Future Boost completed:
+1 mental resilience

Logging In:
+3 mental resilience in total per day

2. The Result:
Mental resilience is always the longest on The Battery, no matter what.
Physical and social resilience are always the shortest.

3. The Problem with that
Given that The Battery is in the top right corner, i.e., in terms of user experience, is a very noticeable thing on the page, it's impossible NOT to look at it and NOT to get the wrong evaluation of your current situation and NOT to get stressed out that you are not using SuperBetter properly or/and that your physical resilience is truly weak.
Visiting SuperBetter site many times a day to report completed stuff, and being shown a messed up Battery balance is no fun.

4. Suggested Solutions for balancing The Battery
1. For those who've used SuperBetter long enough to get a largely imbalanced Battery because of the resilience score issues, a manual workaround:

The workaround I've found for myself for now is to set all quests, power-ups, bad guys as Physical, but change icon images of those items to what they actually are (emotional, mental), so that to remind myself visually why I need to do them.

2. A simple workaround you (SuperBetter team) can implement, the one that would massively improve The Battery' balance:

* For physical AND social Power-Ups, increase the core score for completed power ups.
E.g., for physical: +2 physical +1 emotional.
instead of the current +1 physical +1 emotional.
* For physical AND social Bad Guys, increase the core score for the bad guys battles won.
E.g., for physical: +2 physical +1 mental.
instead of the current +1 physical +1 mental.
* For emotional power-ups AND mental bad guys,
Add +1 physical.
It makes sense. Negative emotions affect one's physical health negatively (lower immunity, increased inflammation, more likely to get into physical accidents because of being distracted by emotions, more likely to eat unhealthy - eatign away the emotional pain), so increased emotional resilience also increases physical resilience.
And bad mental guys affect physical health as well, so battling them is good for physical health too.

3. A workaround that you (SuperBetter team) can implement for heavy users, i.e. the ones who don't just come for one power pack and go away forever:

Allow to disable The Battery.
The total score in the top right corner is still needed, it is motivating, but seeing the messed up Battery balance is no fun.

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