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    under review  ·  Sarah Dopp responded

    Thanks for letting us know! The link to your secret lab is one of the icons under the SuperBetter logo in the upper-left side of the screen (the other icon is Power Packs). Hope this helps, and we’ll look into possibly making this clearer.

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    ED commented  · 

    I only use the browser version since I own an Android device, but to me the UI feels more like a social media platform than a game. So far the most motivating factor had been the CGI videos, but other than that it feels like I'm logged into facebook with no connections.

    I have some ideas. Hopefully one of them will be useful:
    * Group quests together rather than having a messy lists
    * Allow for easier removal and addition of PowerPacks (I still don't know how to remove one)
    * Make it easier to get to a PowerPack screen
    * Make it easier to view the details of a PowerUp instead of navigating to another page, as well allowing a user to click "I did it this"
    * Do the same thing for "Bad Guys" as the idea above
    * Maybe create an option for only adding Power Ups from a specific PowerPack without dedicating yourself to all the other bloated stuff like quests, etc. Sometimes we only want one PowerPack but at the same time want to add more PowerUps
    * And for the idea above maybe allow users to only add one Power Up from a PowerPack. Sometimes SuperBetter should adapt more towards a persons ideal lifestyle rather than the other way around. For example, I already want to jog, read books, call friends, but lack motivation it would be better for SuperBetter to help me achieve those goals. If I could find a specific PowerUp for each I could my chores into a game. I know it's possible to make my own PowerUps, but for some reason it feels like I'm cheating. Custom PowerUps take the fun out of it.
    * General ADD/REMOVE/EDIT links or buttons should be easier to get to and stand out more
    * Create more CGI videos rather than just videos with Jane McGonigal talking (no offense). The CGI videos can be much more motivational and make it feel like more of a game.

    I personally would be more than happy with this game revolving more around PowerUps rather than quests, as long as I can find enough general PowerUps to fit the criteria of what I'm doing rather than making my own. You could make it feel more like a game like "The Sims" rather than trying to have players adapt their lives to rigid quests that often don't fit ones lifestyle.

    If you guys take anything from this I would just say look at "The Sims" game in it's rawest form without the clothes, career, and houses. And start from there. Also, please go crazy with creating a wider range of PowerUps that aren't necessarily under and PowerPack umbrella. But make sure to keep the game feeling clean. Right now it gets bloated very quickly with all of the PowerPacks and it doesn't sort that information well.

    ED supported this idea  · 

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