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    craiglesp commented  · 

    The ability to list multiple epic wins as an umbrella
    with quests or sub quests organized toward that epic win.

    For example, if my epic win is to get a new job my sub quests could be 'rewrite resume', 'send out 5 resumes today', 'do a cold call', etc.

    Right now we can make quests that cover our goals, but it feels less organized. It would also help to have multiple epic wins because we are often working on several specific larger goals at once.

    I love the app but at times I can write out my epic wins in a notebook and work backward, listing the quests and sub quests. I like the forums and graphical nature of the app and portability, but I think the above suggestions would be a major plus because it would increase clarity of getting to your epic win and enhance the sense of progression

    One last idea. Bosses. Bad guys that are really tough, but there is a connotation with a boss that there are patterns I can learn to adapt my strategy to defeat them.
    For example, in an RPG often you are thrown into boss battle that you connotation win, the game designers purposely have you lose at first. But you are meant to go through other battles, find other allies and learn special skills. Later in the game what was meant seem impossible isn't , you just didn't have the experience.
    Bad guys are like the minions you tend to encounter over and over, but a boss is bigger. Maybe a Boss is just another way looking at a quest but the one metaphor may resonate better with one person over another.

    just some thoughts.
    thank you for your time and attention.

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