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    darkflamejam commented  · 

    Oh and I think that having your quests that appear in the to do list on the activity page should be displayed in the quests page too. I've just discovered a load of quests that weren't listed on the quests page...

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    darkflamejam commented  · 

    As a game programmer, who revels in ease of use and user experience, I have some major issues with your website. At the moment your website is one of the bad guys for your site, every time you want to do something you need to fight it. The idea behind the site is amazing, but wow, you really need to do some user testing.

    The introduction to the site was amazing, do this or this then click I did this. It's simple it's clean and it's the google way of presenting information without any clutter. As soon as these three tasks were complete, I hit the bad guy of the main website. I was instantly confused, things were all over the place, I was looking at an activity page rather than the quests page. I was presented with so much information around the sides, but the main activity website held no useful information, I didn't know what anything meant and I had no idea where I had to click to find something useful. You went very much from walking down a corridor with one door to open, to suddenly opening into a courtroom with millions of doors and in the centre of the room is a piece of paper that say's "Pete walked down a corridor, Pete opened a Door, Pete is now very confused". The user has no idea where to go, and the page where you spend the least amount of time (activity) is given the highest priority on the sidebar! Surely that should be quests!

    The tutorials are a great way to get the player to learn about the other parts of the site, but you've got the tutorial information on the webpage, rather than the quest itself. The quest should explain what the Powerup is, what it does and why it's important, then you would click, select the powerup you want.

    As for selecting a powerup like thing, to select, read, then choose I don't want to do it is three clicks and time waiting for pages to load, this could easily be done in the way of click, and then you show hidden information rather than a new webpage.

    Finding allies! Holy crap I've never had so much trouble! I knew people were already on, I had their usernames and real names, it was IMPOSSIBLE to actually find them on the site, the only way I could do it was to send them a spam facebook message generated by your site. Then they would have to click on it, only then could they be my ally. Then to become thier ally they need to do the exact same thing! As much as I don't trust facebook, they know user interfaces, Search, Request, Accept, Allies both ways. No faffing.

    Those are my main gripes with the site, now for the solution I think would make the interface far more intuitive with four sidebar options.

    Quests (first page you see logging in)
    - Current Quests (first page you see upon clicking Quests)
    - Power Ups
    - Bad Guys
    Future Boosts
    - Activity (First page you see clicking allies)
    - Check in
    - Suggestions from Allies
    - Find Oh for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster find allies!

    - Settings
    - Epic Win
    - Superhero name
    - Reasons

    Obviously with all interface changes, get people who have never used the site to test it, record them (or watch from the room but offer no help), and view it, and iterate appropriately. With the right design you won't get the bad guy issue :D

    Oh also, if the website is Beta, you should really say so.

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