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  1. Skip Hero Intro

    I just accepted an invitation to be an ally, I watched the TED video, then came here to get started. I went thru the video tutorial steps and made it to the landing page - then it doesnt give you any direction on what to do. I clicked "be a Hero" just to see what it was - I got trapped into performing 5 tasks that I just watched on TED - no escape button, no "back." I'm here because I clicked "Feedback."
    I have no idea how to get back Home. My first experience is not going so well.

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    Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time! We’re working on changing how allies work entirely, as we know right now it’s incredibly confusing.

    In terms of the hero flow, most people don’t come to the site from the talk, so we try and encourage them to go through those initial tasks. For those that have, yes, it’s certainly repetitive, but you can skip by just going back to :)

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