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Quests count not updating?

Have you completed more than 3 Quests today, but your To Do list counter still only says 1 or 2?

The most common reason for this issue is that the To Do list counter is only tracking items that were already on your To Do list.  

If your To Do list isn't showing enough items (or the right items), you can edit your Quests to change when they display on  your To Do list.  Just go to your full list of Quests, pick one you want to change, click "View," and then click "Edit."  The next screen will give you options to change when Quests are scheduled.

If there's a "Do Today" button next to a Quest, you can also click that button as a shortcut.

You'll need to do this before completing a Quest for it to count in your tally.  (However, even if you don't do this, it will still count in your Resilience Score with just as much value!)

Enjoy the game!

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