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About Your Privacy

We ask for a lot of personal information at SuperBetter, so it’s important to know where that information is going.

Anything you do our post within the SuperBetter game is private to the outside world (e.g., Google won’t find it). The exception is Allies, who can see all of your content and activity (their role is to watch your progress and cheer you on!). Allies can’t, however, see what’s inside your Secret Lab — a feature that’s only available on our website version .

We don’t publish anything to Facebook or Twitter without your explicit request or permission.

The SuperBetter Community Forums ( are public, however, so you should be careful what you publish there under your real name. You need to use an entirely different account to participate in the forums, though, so don’t worry — you won’t accidentally post there if you don’t mean to.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us to let us know!

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