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Login or Password Issues

Our login & password tools can be a bit finicky sometimes, so let's check a few things. 

First off, we have a bug right now that prevents passwords with special characters (i.e., things other than A-Z and 0-9) from working in the mobile app. If you have special characters in your password and are using the mobile app, we recommend you use the website to change your password again to something simpler.  We hope to have this bug fixed soon!

If this doesn't explain your issue, we recommend you walk through the "forgot password" process again very carefully at

1) First, just to be safe, try clearing your cache on your browser and restarting it. You should be able to find this under Preferences or Options. Instructions are here:

2) On our website, go to the Forgot Password link: (if you’ve already done this, just try it again—sometimes you need a fresh link for it to work properly.)

3) Enter your email and hit Reset Password.

4) Check your email and find the message from us.

5) Click the link in that message. (Only click it once!)

6) On the password screen, type your password twice very carefully, and submit.

This should get you in to the site. You can then go to to double check that all of your info looks right.

If you have any troubles with the link not working, go back to Step 2 and start again—sometimes the link doesn’t work after the first attempt.

Thanks for your interest in SuperBetter!

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